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Dr. Donette Wright understands that the election period is a time for people to exercise their franchise and freedom to elect whomever they choose to lead them.


About Dr. Donette Wright

Dr. Donette S. Wright is a #1 best seller, a phenomenal Minister of the Gospel and the proud mother of three amazing children and grandmother to one grandson. She has been in Ministry for over twenty-six years. This woman of God is a #1 best selling author, speaker, teacher, and preacher and celebrates her second book, The Balance Between Church & Politics.
Dr. Wright has traveled globally to share the message of hope, love, and healing. Currently, she is a part of an International Ministry called Faith Mercy & Truth and the Open Doors Ministries International.
Ms. Wright accepted the office of the Apostleship over twelve years ago and is a bold servant of her global community. Though she is not a “Politician,” she was compelled to write this book, The Balance Between Church & Politics. This is one of her many books to come.

About the Book

The vision for “The Balance Between Church and Politics” was birth as a result of the alarming rate of crime and violence currently plaguing Jamaica. Dr. Donette Wright understands that the election period is a time for people to exercise their franchise and freedom to elect whomever they choose to lead them. It is also a right that the generation-long before us fought for many years ago. People died for the freedom we enjoy now. As such, we ought to respect whoever emerges as the peoples’ choice. It should also be a process that must be confidential. Hence, the reason we enter the polling booth alone in some countries. “Party colors” are not worn. Therefore, no one should not be ridiculed, criticized, or ostracized. There should be no room for intimidation for political points, or credit in any form. Whether you agree or not, voting is a basic right of every citizen. The church should educate its members on why it is necessary to participate in both general and local elections. Policies affect the church directly and sometimes indirectly. Hence, politicians need to educate pastors about why they need to find a common ground. Things must change by merging both parties; it is expedient they come together from time to time, as the Jamaican Motto says, “Out of many, one people. But sadly, during the election season, they become so divided. Why war? When it only causes massive bloodshed? Change must come for the betterment of the country.



"This book expertly weaves together the intricate Balance Between Church and Politics in Jamaica, showcasing a remarkable storytelling quality. The author's keen insight and captivating narrative leave a lasting impression, making it a must-read for those interested in the intersection of faith and governance. More so her targeting audience the minds of young people who don’t seem to be interested in politics simply amazing."
Bishop G. Walters
"Awesome read! An insightful exploration of the delicate relationship between church and politics in Jamaica, this book stands out for its positive reviews. The memorable characters and scenes contribute to its impact, leaving readers with a thought-provoking experience. The potential for long-term literary impact is evident in the nuanced portrayal of this complex dynamic."
Kavi K
" Dr. Donette Wright, you use Love & Grace, with a perfect blend of storytelling finesse and thorough exploration of the church-politics dynamic in Jamaica, this book receives positive reviews for its lasting impression on readers. Memorable scenes and well-developed characters contribute to its impact, suggesting a potential for long-term literary significance in the realm of socio-political narratives."​
Ingrid Facey

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